Goal:  Quickly and easily find out the current temperature in a particular location.

Type:  the word weather, make a space, followed by zip code.

Example:  weather 11227 (will tell you the current temperature in Brooklyn, New York)
Goal:  To find out what movies are currently playing in a particular area

Type:   the word movies, make a space, followed by zip code.

Example:  movies 90013 (will tell you current movies playing at theaters in Los Angeles)
Goal:  To find out the current time in particular location

Type:  the word time, make a space, followed by zip code.

Example:  time 33101 (will tell you the current time in Miami)
Goal:  Quickly find definition of any word

Type:  the word define, make a space, followed by the word in question.

Example:  define elation (will tell you the definition of the word elation & what part of speech it is)
Goal:  To obtain flight status info for arriving/departing flights

Type:  the airline name, make a space, followed by the flight number.

Example:  delta 1959 (will tell you if Delta Flight 1959 is due to arrive on time, etc.)
Flight Tracking
Goal:  Determine the shipping/delivery status of a package.

Type:  the tracking number in Google's search box.

Result:  Google will know if the number is UPS, Fed Ex, etc, and will return info on the package.
Package Tracker
Goal:  Perform searches pertaining to businesses in your local area.

Type:  what you're looking for, make a space, followed by your zip code

Example:  doctors 10013, pizza 10013, supermarkets 10013, etc., etc.
Local Search